Cosco shipping co., LTD has successfully shipped the exhibits from New Zealand and other countries

                                                                                    Date:9, 25, 2019Hits:0

                                                                                       On September 24, the reporter learned that the exhibits from New Zealand and other countries participating in the second China international import expo were loaded on board the container terminal in Auckland, New Zealand.

                                                                                       According to reports, the New Zealand exhibits shipped by cosco shipping are rich in variety, including Sweet AS Popcom popcorn, Blue Bell milk powder, ManukaHealth and Goodhealth honey and health care products. In addition, vanuatu exhibits, which had been shipped on August 22, local time, were also transshipped in Auckland. Kava wine, coffee beans, mineral water and other exhibits with local characteristics are going to Shanghai together with New Zealand exhibits to jointly start the journey of the expo.

                                                                                        "Cosco shipping will continue to be the official shipping logistics partner of the organizer of the fair, undertaking global shipping transportation tasks including New Zealand exhibits." Cosco shipping freight (New Zealand) co., LTD., managing director of Kang Xiao for said that in order to better fit into the exposition of the Marine mission, company will set up the project team in July, for New Zealand and the south Pacific region of exhibitors to provide transportation service and consulting, and answer a lot of logistics transportation, into the expo related tax and customs policy, documents of exhibits and transport requirement at home and other professional problem.

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