Weekly Review of Cassava Starch: Rising and Dropping Outside and Stabilizing Domestic Prices

                                                                                    Date:3, 29, 2019Hits:1

                                                                                    1. Domestic Market Review

                                                                                    This week, the market performance is relatively stable, the supply of goods in the market is sufficient, most traders are in storage, inquiries and inquiries in the downstream have increased, the market has improved slightly, and TRADERS'quotations tend to be stable. Qingdao Port, Thailand, medium and high-end powder contains tax returns of 3500-3790 yuan/ton, Vietnamese powder mainstream contains tax returns of 3300-3500 yuan/ton. Guangxi border trade market clearance starch has increased, downstream demand is still general, quotation slightly fell, the current mainstream quotation is 3200-3500 yuan/ton. In the aspect of domestic powder, the manufacturer sells the stock mainly, and the quotation of the manufacturer is relatively stable. Among them, the low-grade products are 3750-3850 yuan/ton, the ordinary products are 3850-4000 yuan/ton, and the high-quality products are 4050-4200 yuan/ton.

                                                                                    2. Review of Cassava Starch International Market

                                                                                    Figure 2

                                                                                    Thai factories maintain a high position, the supply of raw materials is relatively adequate, the current fresh degree of raw materials is good, the factory's flour yield slightly decreased. Recently, there are more inventories in the Chinese market. Factories increase their inventories mainly, and there are fewer new orders. The quotations of manufacturers are highly volatile. Currently, the mainstream offer of high-end powder in Thailand is US$435-450 per ton. Vietnam has increased shutdown factories, slightly insufficient raw material supply, relatively stable acquisition prices, stable quotations from manufacturers, currently reported CNF420-435 U.S. dollars/ton, some manufacturers offer slightly lower.

                                                                                    3. Future market forecast

                                                                                    Thailand's factory-openers have maintained a high level, factory inventories continue to increase, affected by China's sluggish demand, recent manufacturers'new orders are not many, manufacturers' quotations are at a high level. Vietnam's factory closure increased, the purchase price of fresh potatoes was relatively stable, the inventory pressure of manufacturers showed, and the export volume of Vietnam has decreased recently. Domestic spot supply is relatively sufficient, traders mainly enter warehouses, downstream demand is still general, market quotations began to hang upside down. It is reported that some traders have not yet cleared their goods on arrival, and the supply of goods in the market is sufficient. Zhuochuang expects that cassava starch market will keep stable in the near future and the price will be stable temporarily.