2018 national storage raw sugar unloading task concluded meeting

                                                                                    Date:10, 24, 2018Hits:9

                                                                                    After five years of experience in sugar storage management, through the efforts of the company leaders and all colleagues, this year for the fourth time to undertake the central reserve sugar handling work, means that the strength of our company has been recognized, the credibility and reputation of the community continues to strengthen. On June 23, 2018, our company received the "Central Reserve Import of raw sugar unloading, warehousing notice" to October 3, 2018, raw sugar storage task successfully completed, lasted 58 days. National storage and unloading work is an important work related to the credibility and interests of the company, the warehouse department attaches great importance to do a good job of preparation to ensure the quantity and quality of raw sugar storage, and the whole process of unloading and unloading without safety accidents, smooth and smooth completion of the work of storage.

                                                                                    During the meeting, the warehousing Department explained in detail the preparatory work and the whole process control of the National Storage. Through the control of the above several links, the warehousing work was smoothly completed. During this period, the leaders of the Chinese Merchants Center also arrived at the warehouse site, expressed their approval to the warehouse operation site, and met the requirements of the center for us, and achieved a satisfactory result. This storage task has been completed. This transfer fully proves that our team is a "dare to fight hard, can fight hard" team, to achieve the savings before we "give the company a satisfactory answer, give ourselves a satisfactory answer" 

                                                                                    During the period of the State Reserve, the company provides logistical support, arranges night shifts for administrators in the North District, provides daily meals and cooling relief items, reflecting the company's humanistic care; investment company staff in the holiday replacement. The support and cooperation of various departments reflects the family members of Jisheng in the important interests of the company in the face of the task, regardless of each other, unity and cooperation, the same goal, carry forward the spirit of Jisheng, Jisheng, encourage and spur every Jisheng people to grow and progress.

                                                                                    At the end of the meeting, General Manager Cheng Shuyan listened to the work report and made a comprehensive and targeted summary. This paper affirms the achievements that have been achieved during the period of the State Reserve, and points out the areas that should be paid attention to and improved in the work of various departments. She asked the heads of departments to have a sense of responsibility, in the process of finding problems in a timely manner to solve the problem, to provide customers with efficient and first-class service.